Inspiration and Announcements – the 2018 Legacy Luncheon

We are grateful that the 2018 Legacy Luncheon for the Parks was another huge success thanks to our amazing speaker and the nearly 1,000 sponsors and Friends who gathered at UT’s Holston River Farm at the Head of the Tennessee River to support our work. Pete McBride, National Geographic Adventurer of the Year, photographer and filmmaker, shared inspiration and ideas with the crowd, as we enjoyed crisp weather and a wonderful lunch. more


  • We Found Some Really Great Places to Play…and Sing

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    • Tune-in to our YouTube Channel to hear these beautiful songs of nature featuring 10 musicians in 10 local outdoor settings throughout the next few months. Here’s the lineup: Cruz Contreras at Mead’s Quarry, then Wil Wright at Hayworth Hollow, Sam Quinn at Fort Dickerson, RB Morris at Head of the Tennessee, Robinella Bailey at Seven Islands State Birding Park, Todd Steed at Brian Hann’s Bridges, Trisha Gene Brady at House Mountain, Kelle Jolly at Bicentennial Park, Jason Thompson at Forks of the more details