Help Concord Park Recover from Storm Damage

Concord Park in west Knox County was hit hard by the Memorial Day storms. You can help restore the park by funding new trees, benches and picnic table. Your contribution is tax deductible and is the best way to help Knox County Parks and Recreation get this great park back open for all the enjoy.

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  • REI Awards Legacy Parks Grant for Urban Wilderness Support Stataions

    • For the fourth year in a row, REI is showing its support for Knoxville’s Urban Wilderness through a $10,000 grant to Legacy Parks Foundation and a $6,000 grant to the Appalachian Mountain Bike Club. The two organizations will combine the grants to fund water fountains and a bike tune-up station within Knoxville’s Urban Wilderness. The addition of these support stations will make hiking, mountain biking, and trail running more accessible for residents and visitors to more details